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Monday, April 30, 2012

VM server (LDOMS) HOWTOs/Examples [Request]


I have a T4-1, equipped with Solaris 10 & VM 2.1-server Build (default build of 6 Guest domains. There 2 single port Fibre Cards

(1) How to I make accessible Local storage accessuibel to a Guest domain ?

I have 6 x 300GB disk and was thinking of cretaing a ZFS RAIDZ Pool from them prior, or is that not the correct logical first step ?

(2) How do I reconfigure a guest domain for, let say 8GB of Memory & 300GB of Local storage or 300GB of Fibre storage

(3) Also exmaple of configuring the vSwitch. with 4NICs & upto 6 VMS, I'm thinking of bonding two NICs with the remain NICS as failovers, with both production, managment & Backup traffic accross the same NICs - There is a spearte Backup Network

(4) How to monitor these guest domains

Many thanks in advance for yor examples

ms. stevie

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