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Thursday, April 26, 2012

ZeroBin Is an Encrypted PasteBin Alternative

ZeroBin is like the heavily armored sibling of PasteBin; You can still paste large chunks of text but that text is encrypted with client-side encryption.

PasteBin is great when you need to share snippets of code or log files, the only problem is the service is essentially wide open. Not such a big deal if you’re sharing your XBMC logs on the support forum to get a little help figuring out why your movie list won’t update, but less than idea if you’re sharing more sensitive information. ZeroBin steps in to fill that gap by offering client-side encryption where ZeroBin has no knowledge of the content of your shared text snippets. In addition you can set up the ZeroBin content to self destruct after a set amount of time.

Hit up the link below to take ZeroBin for a spin.

ZeroBin [via One Thing Well]

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