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Monday, May 7, 2012

c++ debugging


i have a problem with a switch case in program and the debugger is messy has hell ( we use normal VI and gdb in our schoool to make it more diffiacult)

any way i have a problom where for some unknown reason the debugger just skips a switch statment as if it wasent even there

the rest of the code works fine

but for some reason that switch statment is just ignored

it uses enums

enum name





name Name;

name = a function that returns that enum;

switch (name)


case (X):



case (Y):







its all fine and i can see in the debugger that the name has a valid value

i know a lot of things can cause this but any help would be greatly appreciated

i will allso ask, can a memory leak or goingover the border of an array caouse this ?

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