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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get Cooking With These 6 YouTube Channels

youtube cooking showsBeing a fast food aficionado, I recently recognized that it was high time for me to get back in the kitchen. I’ve spent way too long eating my meals on the run, and I’m sure that many of you could relate. However, part of my trouble was figuring out what I should cook!

Using the powers of the Internet, I set out to find a few YouTube channels that provide some decent meal tips as well as entertainment. Fortunately, I found 6 channels that I would deem both practical and worth watching.

Cooking With Jack

youtube cooking shows

If you’re like me, cooking needs to be quick, cheap, and filling. Granted, I don’t always take health into consideration. But your metabolism never changes in college, right?

Jack here will teach you how to make all sorts of selections ranging from “manly” meals such as American football finger foods to higher-quality items such as pho. Beyond that, he does seem to have a focus on non-cooks such as myself as noted by the titles of his multiple video series including “Lazy Man’s Videos“.

Start Cooking

youtube cooking channels

The whole Start Cooking YouTube channel reminds me of some kind of fancy hipster restaurant where you eat miniature meals off the floor using chopsticks (just because they look cool). But really, the reason I say this is because the videos are delivered in an artistic, easy-to-understand format that’s fun to watch.

Start Cooking focuses on the basics with titles such as “How To Fry An Egg” or “How To Cook Pasta“. To some of you that are a little more experienced, that may seem silly. However, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to use Google to figure out the basics of cooking. Had I known a YouTube channel like Start Cooking existed, my life would have been considerably easier.

Epic Meal Time

youtube cooking channels

Alright, so Epic Meal Time isn’t exactly what I would call a “cooking show”, but it is a show that involves cooking. However, the food creations on this YouTube channel are anything but healthy.

With videos titles such as the “84 Egg Sandwich” (which utilized the designated amount of McDonald’s McGriddles) and “BBQ Pie”, chances are that you don’t want to base your entire diet around Epic Meal Time.

Disclaimer: Remember what I said about these six channels being both practical and worth watching? With EMT, you can only pick one of those words to describe it. Sorry, people.

Great Depression Cooking

youtube cooking channels

Although the title may seem a little off, I wanted to add Great Depression Cooking to this article just because how unique it is. The video series is based entirely on the food stylings of 96-year-old Clara, who actually lived through the Great Depression.

Clara teaches her audience how to cook meals that were made when materials were scarce, and along with it comes a history lesson. In her final video, she announced that she was “pretty damn old” to let everyone know that it was time to call it quits. However, regardless of whether or not the meals are your taste, I think it’s worth watching just to listen to someone who has seen a lot over the course of her life.

Cooking With Dog

cooking channels on youtube

I had to do some thorough insight on this YouTube channel before I could understand what the title meant, but after hearing it from the horse’s – er, dog’s – mouth, I totally got it. Cooking With Dog is a Japanese cooking show… narrated by a dog.

Yes, alongside the preparer of our on-screen meals is Francis (a poodle, I believe) who, using a super-faux French accent, describes everything you need to know in order to make Japanese food. I’ve already told my girlfriend if she makes meals based off this channel I’ll propose to her within the year.

(Obligatory, “YES. THIS IS DOG.”)

Food Network

youtube cooking shows

As I’ve said before, I believe web content is the way to go, and fortunately, the Food Network has picked up on that. Food Network has brought the heart and soul of its television show to the online world with shorter shows and more focused content.

As always, you’ll learn to cook as well as be entertained, too. Furthermore, I’m willing to bet these meals are pretty healthy, too.


There we go, my hungry friends – more ways you can use the Internet to help you out in your everyday life. So go ahead and set your laptop up in the kitchen and turn up the stove. It’s time to get cooking.

What other YouTube channels do you use to learn how to cook? What’s your favorite meal?

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