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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weird Error moving a file


We are running into very weird error on AIX. Target directory exists on NFS.

We have one script runs every 5 mins on our system. This script is running for 5 years for now without any issuess.

Followig is the snapshot of the script :


  stmt_cnt=$(ls -1 ${1}/${2}|wc -l)

  if [ ${stmt_cnt} -ne 0 -a ${stmt_cnt} -lt 501 ]; then

    out_str="${out_str}\n$(date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S"): Moving ${stmt_cnt} \"${2}\" statements from ${1} to ${3}\n"

    find ${1} -name "${2}" | sort -t"_" +7n +8n | xargs ksh -c 'mv $* '"${3}" foobar

Recently, mv command started failing only few occasions. Intrestingly, it is successful in the second run after failing in first run.

Following is the Error.


Usage: mv [-I] [ -d| -e] [-i | -f] [-E{force|ignore|warn}] [--] src target

  or: mv [-I] [-i | -f] [-E{force|ignore|warn}] [--] src1 ... srcN directory

Any guesses ? Appreciate pointers.

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