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Friday, June 29, 2012

Active Directory and Zimbra Sync Time....

Good Afternoon :)

I would just like to state now that im not sure I can explain this in great detail without the info that I need to share so if you could bare with me that would be great :)

My current setup...

Windows 2008 R2 - Active Directory (500+users)

Centos 5.8 - Zimbra (Version 7.1.2_GA_3268)

Ok here goes...

We currently use our Active directory to sync all our usernames/passwords to zimbra so basically when a user changes their password on their Windows machine (which is every 36 days for example) it changes it for their Mail account also..

We have found this to cause problems with our Mobile Phone users (iPhones) as when they then go to change the mail password on their phone to the new password it says it cannot be authenticated as they are using a wrong username and password..

Im purely guessing that there is a time when our AD pings out the new password to the Zimbra box so it knows its changed and the users are putting the password in too quick...

So now we try and change the mail password on the iphone after a minute or two but by then the account has been locked out after 10 failed attempts..

This is kind of strange but I was wondering if anyone knew the timescale of when this exchange of information occurs between the Active Directory and Zimbra so we can fine tune it or just know whats going on?

Any information would be spiffing

Thanks in advance


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