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Friday, April 13, 2012

AC3Filter: A Powerful Audio Decoder And Processor For Media Players

Okay, you grabbed your favorite movie off the internet that you were waiting to watch for quite a long time, and now you think the audio quality is not as good as your ears deserve it. Maybe something messed up during the encoding process, or your audio equipment is not properly configured. If the...
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Multiboot USB Installer: Boot Multiple Live Linux Distros From A Single USB

In the past, we’ve covered an application called XBoot that allows you to create multi-boot USB flash drives from a set of ISO image files.  It makes it easy to download the bootable ISOs from host websites and unpack them in a multiboot setup. Today, we have an open source application...
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Dream:ON For iPhone Claims To Induce Pleasant & Lucid Dreams In Users

If you have seen Inception or Vanilla Sky, and envied those characters with their dreams that touched reality, there's an iOS app which may actually let you step into that envious reality for a while. Yes, you are not dreaming, Dream:ON, controls the stream of your dreaming by playing musical...
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Root Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G & Install ClockworkMod Recovery [How To]

The Blaze 4G from T-Mobile gets rooted! Released in January 2012, let's just say it was about time. Thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member k0nane you can now root your device in no time at all through ODIN (more on that later), but that's not all. Renowned developer shabbypenguin...
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5 Minute Break: Take Regular Breaks To Increase Productivity

Working for long periods of time continuously without taking a break can make you really tired and exhausted. We think that if we work continuously, we can get more done in less time, but in reality, it lowers your overall productivity. If your job requires you to sit in front of the computer for...
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Take Screenshots On WP7 & Transfer Them To PC Over Wi-Fi [Homebrew]

No one is exactly sure why, but Windows Phone 7 makes a big deal about not letting any screenshot app slip into the Marketplace. This gets annoying on numerous occasions, and for us at least, the number one reason to be running a custom ROM on our Omnia 7, is the ability to take screenshots of the...
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Tube Player: Watch YouTube Videos Based On Social Network Popularity [Web]

If you like listening to YouTube videos shared on popular social networking websites, or if you’re just simply bored of the same old style and interface of YouTube, then Tube Player, a new web application, finds the most popular videos from social networks and lets you listen to social...
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Get iOS-Like Smooth Scrolling With Full Customizations In Chrome

If you dislike the way your Chrome browser moves the pages up and down in little jumps, then Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a Chrome extension that deserves your attention. It makes scrolling webpages a beautiful and smooth experience, implementing iOS-like kinetic scroll. With it, you can...
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WinPlusX: Get Windows 8 Win+X Menu In Windows 7 & Vista

Since the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there has been a lot of talk about its different features. Apart from the major UI related changes, Windows 8 comes with a lot of quick access shortcuts that were not included in previous versions of Windows. In this article, however, we are...
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Save Web Content Directly To Dropbox & Google Docs, Or Convert To PDF

When you have to save content from websites to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Docs, you first have to download it from the web, save it to your local system, and then upload it to the cloud. This whole process is not only complicated, but also quite time consuming. This is where...
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Adobe Reader For Android & iOS Updated With Digital Signing & Support For EchoSign

Adobe Reader for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch has just been updated (to v10.2.0) with quite a few significant additions and improved features; two of the most noticeable of which are the new Ink Signature tool, which lets you sign your PDF documents, and the option to fill out PDF...
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BlingBoard For Android: Widget For Call, Messaging, Facebook & Twitter Alerts/Updates

The option to check your latest email, messaging and social media notifications/feeds on your phone via homescreen widgets is one of the things the Android platform is revered for. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BlingBoard is a slick and beautifully designed Android homescreen widget that adds a...
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Home Media Center: Stream Photos, Music & Video Across Local Network

Streaming media across a number of different devices connected to your home network is fun. With the advent of WiFi being integrated into nearly every device, such as laptops, iPhone, Android, Blu-ray players and even LCD TVs, people love to sync media files across their entire local network. Home...
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AfterFocus Makes Photos Look As If Taken With A DSLR Camera [Android, iOS]

One of the most amazing aspects of modern-day mobile devices are their powerful cameras, which allow users to capture images good enough in quality to be made to look, with the help of an app, as if they were captured using a DSLR camera. Developed by MotionOne, AfterFocus is one such app that has...
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[Giveaway] Snapheal: Retouch & Remove Unwanted Objects From Images On Mac [Paid]

Image editing apps aren't rare for Mac, but the majority of them focus on adding color filters, image effects or cropping and rotating a picture. As far as real image editing goes where you can actually add or remove elements within the image, the apps that let you do that are rare. Snapheal is a...
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Bump: Now Transfer Photos To Your Computer By Bumping Your Phone With The Space Bar! [Android, iOS]

Getting photos off your iPhone (or into it, for that matter) has never been exceptionally easy (especially when compared with Android). Taking photos with the iPhone's camera is no issue, granted, but when it comes to importing photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, iTunes is...
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Script not working after FTP

Hi Gurus,

I prepared a script to process some files and then ftp the output file to mainframe directory. Here is the code snippet for the same.


# Perform FTP

    echo "put $TGT_DR/$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE '$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE'" >> $LogFile

    ftp -i -n <<EOF >> $LogFile

    open $FTP_HOST


    cd $K

    cd $F

    cd $I

    cd $K1

    cd $RUN_TYPE


    put $TGT_DR/$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE '$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE'





            if [ $RC -eq 0 ] ; then

              echo "Successfully FTP'd $K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE to ${FTP_HOST}" >> $LogFile


              echo "Error! while trying to FTP." >> $LogFile

              exit 1


Script works fine and is able to FTP the file. However the execution stops after that even though there is some processing needs to be done after the file transfer. For example, below code needs to be after executed after the FTP. But for some reason, script exits from the operation and log file shows the entries only till FTP initiation.


printf "FTP'd $K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE to Host:$FTP_HOST" | mailx -send -s "Process has completed on $DOMAIN and the output file has been FTP'd" `echo ${Alertlist_All}`

rm $SRC_DR/sample.txt $TGT_DR/$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE

echo "`date` : End of xxx.ksh script execution" >> $LogFile

echo "=============================================================================================================================" >> $LogFile


awk sed issue


I am having some difficulty piping the results of an awk search to sed and am hoping for some help. Essentially, I have a file that contains a key and value and another file that contains the key, I want to replace the key in the second file with the value for the first.

It seems rediculous to write a perl script for this, but my awk/sed is killing me.

Here is my current iteration:


gawk '{print $1, $2 }' test2.references | sed -i 's/\1/\2/' test.bln.txt

With associated error:


sed: -e expression #1, char 8: Invalid back reference

I have tried $1 and $2 with and without single and double quotes in the sed part and get variations on :wall:

Thanks in advance,


Moderator's Comments:

Video tutorial on how to use code tags in The UNIX and Linux Forums.

How to write a shell script to automatically accept return key with out user intervention?

Hi Friends,

i am creating a shell script which is accepting file name as input parameter from Java and invoking finacle service.

The service will accpet text file,B2k_session id,etc and upload the text file data in finacle database.

My shell script looks like this:-

#! /bin/ksh


. /etc/b2k/DFS10402/FINCORE/com/commonenv.com

$TBA_E/mcbx4005 1673:00:B $text_file N ALL //calling finacle service

But after executing finacle service it is asking me to Press <RETURN> key to exit ...

We want to automate the process with out user intervention.

How to write a shell script to automatically accept return key with out user intervention?


Venkat Vadlamudi.

LINUX - How to replace a string & its current value with a new value

Hi All,

i am trying to replace a string & its current value (P_JOBID =1000 for eg) in a file with a new value(P_JOBID =2000) through sed command.

File name : A.txt

Command I am trying :


`cat $path/A.txt | grep ${P_JOBID} | sed -e s/P_JOBID=/P_JOBID="$JobID"/g`

Output Expected : P_JOBID =2000

It is not working as expected as it is giving me output/error as follows,


Script.ksh: line 141: P_JOBID=10002000: command not found

Any thoughts will be very helpful.



How to handle variable with spaces in ksh

I'm having issue capturing a value from file.list with a multiple spaces in a variable $i, tried various options like using double quotes, no quotes, single quotes, curly braces but to no avail.


cat file.list

aaa test bbb

ccc test ddd

eee test fff

for i in `cat file.list`


echo "$i"; ls -ld "$i"


Below is the output I get while running the above script:

aaa not found


test not found




ccc not found


test not found




eee not found


test not found


fff not found

grep with variable and regular expression

i have a command line like this in csh script


grep -i "$argv[2]$"

which i wanted to select the line ending with string provided as argument but it couldn't interpret the '$' (ending with)..

any help?

Copy and run that script in Remote server

Hi All,

I need script to perform below task.

1. I have a script in one server and need to copy this script to remote server

2. login in to remote server

3. run the script which i copied to this server.



read a

scp /tmp/script.sh user@hostname:/tmp

ssh user@$a


Here the problem is i dnt have root access for this server, when i copied files to the remote server the file permission is only read only access so i have to change the file permission and run the script in remote server automatically when i run the scripts.

Note: i can have root access if i run the command "admin". admin is executable command file which is stored some location in server.


Spaces in variables

I'm having a problem with this....




SPKTAG=" | festival --tts"

echo "Welcome to my shell program" "$SPKTAG";


I have a variable call SPKTAG " | festival --tts" and I want to be it executable.

festival is a speaking program and the command line works like this:

echo "Welcome to my shell program" | festival --tts;

but I want the " | festival --tts" to be a variable so I can turn it off or on.

Any ideas?



where can I buy an ipone4s

I would like to to buy iphone4S, but do not know how the differences compared to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, performance, sound quality.Which processor is better there is no perfect escape, there is no wireless Internet functions. Used as birthday gifts are fit.I want to buy iPhone 4, just do not know what a good brand, the money is not a problem.I iPhone4S how much? I want to give my wife to buy. With the girls do not know the good, not powerful. Are there any other color in addition to white and black.

perl problem in processing excel file

Dear all,

I got a perl script to write some data into an excel file using Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser. After that I find all formulas in the excel file are gone.

Does any body encounter this problem or have any work around?

Two shell variables using nawk

How do you use two shell variables in awk? I am using Solaris 10 and don't have GNU products installed.

File (transportation.txt) contents:

car make

boat model

airplane landing

snowmobile track

bicycle helmet

sled housing

Thanks to this forum this code works (prints everything from the contents of $vehicle to bicycle):

nawk -v v="$vehicle" 'match( $0, v ),/bicycle/' transportation.txt

But how do I replace bicycle with another variable? For arguments sake call it $vechicle2.

Also, will the above nawk code work with a string? For example if the contents of $vechicle equals boat model

age in months for yyyy-mm-dd format


I am trying to write a sh script which will give difference in given time to present time in months.

I get date from a script like


infoscript.sh | awk '{ print $3}'

where infoscript is a custom script and gives date in yyyy-mm-dd format

ex: 2010-04-12

Now, need to do something like this


awk '{ print $3}' | { get age in months so that if its more than 3 months, I will run another script, say backup.sh}

I tried to search for date and age threads but there are too many of them and confusing me. Is there a simple approach to solve this.

Thank you for your time and response.

Script in python to kill process by date

Hello everyone,

First sorry for my english.

I'm new in python and I want to create a script that allows the cleaning of a directory (/ tmp), files corresponds to a specific process according to the date.


1 - I have to find all processes of a program running, eg OpenOffice, belonging to a User, by determining the date /start time of the oldest of them.

2 - Then delete all files (or directories) in "/ tmp" belonging to the the oldest Openoffice processes (the date determined in step 1)

I want to get ideas or functions to use for this script in linux (RedHat) and python 2.4

thank you :)

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Help :wall:

Manipulating Columns!

Hello Experts,

I have .txt file which has various columns and 4 rows.


cat input.txt

Cont x y z k

Max 0.3 0.9 0.4 0.6

Min  0.2 0.9 0.3 0.6

Diff 0.1 0 0.1 0



Cont x y z k

Max 0.5 1.1 0.6 0.8

Min  0.1 0.7 0.2 0.4

Diff 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4

That means if the diff between the Max and Min is 0.1 than add 0.2 to max value and subtract 0.1 to min value, if diff is 0 than add 0.2 to max and subtract 0.2 to min value. I had to code this in csh script since this script will be part of bigger script written in csh.

Thanks in advance.