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Friday, June 29, 2012

Add new alias domain


I have to create a new alias domain but the origin domain is not create in Zimbra. Could i create this?



Installing MailScanner on ZCS 7.2 + Ubuntu 10.04 lts

Hi i hope some one can help.

I was searching how to install MailScanner but i only found guides for previous version of zimbra 7.2

my problem is, all the mail (out or In) got stuck, and dont process any email

some one can help :) please

ty in advance

Zimbra Imap not delivery into specified folder

I have Zimbra Open Source on red hat enterprise and have trouble that IMAP not delivery into specified folder.

It is asterisk IMAP storage ingratiation where asterisk monitor by email headers imap mailbox folder and when somebody leave voice mail it delivery into specified folder.

I see in my logs that mail with new voice message is submitted, but nothing not show up in folder. I created new test user and tried 2 cases one is through webmail and another Outlook 2010 and it same result mail in folder is not showing up.

I went through all logs and don't see anything that point on error.

Any help thank you in advance.


[zimbra@xxxxxx log]$ zmcontrol -v

Release 7.2.0_GA_2669.RHEL6_64_20120410002025 RHEL6_64 FOSS edition.

[zimbra@xxxxxx log]$ cat /etc/redhat-release

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.2 (Santiago)

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,405 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] imap - selected folder VoiceMail

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,407 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] imap - [ search is: in:"VoiceMail" (-tag:\Deleted (-tag:\Unread) #x-asterisk-vm-extension:("101*") #x-asterisk-vm-context:("realtime-ldap*")) ]

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,415 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] imap - selected folder VoiceMail

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,487 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] mailop - Adding Message: id=259, Message-ID=<Asterisk-1-1806363324-101-22671@capbxsrv01.pbxclst.networklab.ca>, parentId=-1, folderId=257, folderName=VoiceMail.

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,554 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] imap - selected folder VoiceMail

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,556 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] imap - [ search is: in:"VoiceMail" (-tag:\Deleted -tag:\Flagged -(-tag:\Unread) #x-asterisk-vm-extension:("101*") #x-asterisk-vm-context:("realtime-ldap*")) ]

    2012-06-26 12:18:54,567 INFO [ImapServer-46] [name=test@networklab.ca;mid=13;ip=localip;oip=remoteip;] index - Deferred Indexing: submitted 1 items in 11ms (90.91/sec). (0 items failed to index). IndexDeferredCount now at 1 NumNotSubmitted=

Active Directory and Zimbra Sync Time....

Good Afternoon :)

I would just like to state now that im not sure I can explain this in great detail without the info that I need to share so if you could bare with me that would be great :)

My current setup...

Windows 2008 R2 - Active Directory (500+users)

Centos 5.8 - Zimbra (Version 7.1.2_GA_3268)

Ok here goes...

We currently use our Active directory to sync all our usernames/passwords to zimbra so basically when a user changes their password on their Windows machine (which is every 36 days for example) it changes it for their Mail account also..

We have found this to cause problems with our Mobile Phone users (iPhones) as when they then go to change the mail password on their phone to the new password it says it cannot be authenticated as they are using a wrong username and password..

Im purely guessing that there is a time when our AD pings out the new password to the Zimbra box so it knows its changed and the users are putting the password in too quick...

So now we try and change the mail password on the iphone after a minute or two but by then the account has been locked out after 10 failed attempts..

This is kind of strange but I was wondering if anyone knew the timescale of when this exchange of information occurs between the Active Directory and Zimbra so we can fine tune it or just know whats going on?

Any information would be spiffing

Thanks in advance


Zimbra bouncing emails : 500 Line too long

Why is my server bouncing email threads? The error my server is sending is 500 Line too long

I'm not sure if this is from Zimbra or from my firewall.

Is there a place I can tweak this in Zimbra? Should I dig into my firewall settings?


Restore Individual Email

I have a gzip file (export) from a mailbox. Is thre a way I can import a few emails from that gzip file instead of the whole gzip? If I can unzip that gzip file and find the emails, how would I get those back into my inbox? Some have attachments. The gzip is from 7.1.x and the existing mailbox ix 7.2.

Disable SSLv2 Support

Hi, our PCI compliance security scan fails on our Zimbra server due to SSLv2. How can I disable SSLv2 without breaking the other more secure support? Thanks.

I can't enter attendees in new appointments

Desperate need of help here. Great product, great alternative to my paid Outlook for Mac, but can not enter attendees on meeting calendar invitation. running new Mac OS, and latest Zimbra for Mac, and on meeting set up the Attendees option is greys out and can not click in it to add new people.

Will be great to get some help here please,



Recovering a specific folder from store

greetings all,

New to zimbra and the IT world, my organization needed an IT so I was tagged in. I am good with computers but have little experience with zimbra or linux, or asking for help on forums for that matter.

A user (not the creator) with admin privileges to a shared folder (email not document) right clicked and chose to "Empty Folder" then agreed to the popup asking if they were out of their mind. This permanently deletes the emails instead of putting it into their trash, thus the prompt to confirm. However, "tough beans" was not an acceptable answer to my boss so now I have to try to recover it and I have no where to turn.

Ive searched google and this forum, I found mmorse's post:


which was outstanding in terms of recovering from store files but the only one I could understand was method 1. Which is a huge help but it does not preserve folder structure and Im looking for the emails from one particular folder that had emails from multiple users and dates. Is there anyway to restore all their messages to a temp user with directory structure in tact maybe then port back the folder I need to the original user?

Helpful info:

ZCS Opens Source Edition

version 5.0.11

OS: Ubuntu 8 64bit

Thanks in advance, you guys are lightyears ahead of me with this stuff but I aspire to one day be as good as you guys. This is a wonderful program with an outstanding user base.

Spam Filter LDAP authentication against Zimbra

I am trying to setup my anti-spam filter (external appliance) to verify recipients, but am unsure on the correct fields to enter.

I am asked to enter

LDAP Search User DN: {entered my admin account user@test.com}

LDAP Password: {and password}

LDAP Query Filter:

LDAP Search Base:

I have searched all the forums and wiki without any luck, all the suggestion I found did not work.

You help will be appreciated.

Incomplete non delivery report


One of my users sent an email to an invalid account on our domain. Not a problem, these things happen, except the bounce he got was incomplete:

HTML Code:

This is the mail system at host my.domain.com.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not

be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can

delete your own text from the attached returned message.

                  The mail system

<bogusaddress@domain.com>: domain.com

And that is all. I would expect to see the reason for the bounce. I have tried from internally and externally and I see the same thing.

Anyone know what might be causing this or where I should start digging?



first installation domain information

Hello all !

I'm testing latest Zimbra free version on a server running Ubuntu Server 10.04 64bit.

I have a public mail server hosting a lot of domain and I create there a new domain testdomain.com. MX record point to this public server.

Is it possible to configure this domain in Zimbra without the internal domain set? So, using Pop3 or Imap to download email and send email through this public server using authentication?

Do I need to create an internal domain and then configure external account?

Thanks a lot!

Custom content types

I'm interested in adding some zimlets/extensions to zimbra that act on a few new custom content types. I'd like to have those types integrated with the search utilities provided with zimbra. Could someone steer me in the right direction or tell me if this is even a path worth travelling?

Contacts, Cal and Tasks reverts to Local Folders periodically

It seems as I move around Zimbra and I'm in say, the Address Book, Calendar or Tasks, Zimbra will periodically default to the local folders instead of my main Zimbra account. Suddenly I see no Contacts until I click on the top main left hand corner of my main Zimbra account.

Cannot paste in body of email

Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 GA (build 11299) on Apple Mac OS X.

I cannot paste anything into the body of an email. Such a basic requirement.


Contact Groups

I'm a new Zimbra user, and for the most part am quite happy with it. I've got one or two pain-points that I'd love help with (or to provide feedback on); I'll limit one to a post to avoid getting topics muddled up.

I love that Zimbra has contact groups. But when I change one of my contacts' email addresses, it doesn't propagate: I need to go to every contact group they're in, remove the old address, and add the new address. This is exactly the sort of tedious, error-prone search-and-replace that I want my computer to do for me. Am I missing a setting somewhere that will turn this on? Or some alternate way of changing an email address which will change it in all contact groups as well?



Outbox is not displayed in the folder panel

Currently using Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4GA build 11299.

On left panel where inbox and drafts folder located, I can't able to see the outbox.

Is this a bug or is it hidden.

How to set an account password using SoapProvisioning (Java Soap API)?

I'm trying to set the password of an acount using Java Soap API from Zimbra, using the following code:

SoapProvisioning sp = new SoapProvisioning();

Account conta = sp.getAccountByName("user@domain.com");

sp.setPassword(conta, "password");

I'm getting the following error:


at com.zimbra.common.soap.Soap12Protocol.soapFault(So ap12Protocol.java:88)

at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.extractBodyEl ement(SoapTransport.java:354)

at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.parseSoapResp onse(SoapTransport.java:313)

at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(So apHttpTransport.java:260)

at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(So apHttpTransport.java:164)

at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invoke(SoapTr ansport.java:407)

at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invokeWithout Session(SoapTransport.java:393)

at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.invoke Request(SoapProvisioning.java:342)

at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.invoke (SoapProvisioning.java:350)

at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.setPas sword(SoapProvisioning.java:1292)

Also tried using conta.setPassword() but got the same error...

Please help.

Disabling IM/XMPP in ZCS 7.x

I have a bit of a strange issue. Back when I was playing with ZCS 6 on OSX, I had enabled IM to try. Now that I've already migrated and upgraded to ZCS 7 (first it was 7.1.4, now 7.2.0) I find that I can't make the IM user interface elements go away:


Before upgrading from 7.1.4 to 7.2.0 yesterday, I read through Ajcody-Instant-Messaging-Topics - Zimbra :: Wiki and disabled XMPP as described. To be safe, I also made sure that zimbraFeatureInstantNotify and zimbraFeatureIMEnabled were also turned off:


zimbra@mail:~/libexec$ zmprov gc default zimbraFeatureIMEnabled

# name default

zimbraFeatureIMEnabled: FALSE

zimbra@mail:~/libexec$ zmprov gc default zimbraFeatureInstantNotify

# name default

zimbraFeatureInstantNotify: FALSE

zimbra@mail:~/libexec$ zmprov gacf zimbraXMPPEnabled

zimbraXMPPEnabled: FALSE

And before anyone asks, I have not created any additional COS entries -- there is only the default COS.

However, I still can't get the UI elements to go away... Any ideas?

Attached Images

Active directory with Zimbra, users only show on zimbra


I have an Active Directory and a Zimbra server on another machine. The domain I have on the active directory is myintranet.edu, and my domain on my zimbra machine is mydomain.edu.

So I had a gal error at first, so I created an external GAL with this command

zmgsautil createAccount -a galsync@mydomain.edu -n ExternalGAL --domain mydomain.edu -t ldap -f _ExternalGAL

So then I opened the GAL configuration wizard,

GAL Mode: External

Server type: Active Directory

ldap:// port 3268

On LDAP search base I had : mydomain.edu and I changed it to myintranet.edu

On GAL search settings I used:

Bind DN:cn=Administrador,ou=Usuarios,dc=edu

Bind PASSWORD=****** -> The administador user password.

I checked Use GAL search settings for GAL sync. (I am not sure about this part)

I created a user an it seemed to connect. I can see the user jdc created on zimbra but not on my Active Directory, do I need anything else?

Social Tab: "Could not load Facebook account"


I work for a small Library. I am trying to setup the libraries Facebook account to the Social Tab in the Zimbra Desktop client.

Basically when I try to add an account, a new browser window opens up (it takes me to the browser from the desktop client)

and I have to sign-in to the facebook account (if I'm not already signed in) and then I have to add the app, set its options etc..

That all works. When I close the window (as it tells me to) and return to the desktop client. There is no facebook account there.

The social plugin is enabled in preferences (double checked) I checked the facebook account, it has the app installed and turned on in the apps section of settings.

Basically the Desktop client says there are no accounts added. (All I want is Facebook, not Twitter etc..)

I restarted Zimbras desktop client and even the computer after that.

Same Problem.

The Libraries Facebook account is a business page, so I tried to connect it to my personal Facebook account.

Same problem.

I uninstalled the social plug in, download the new one, installed it.

Same problem.

I then moved to the web browser version of Zimbra. I tried adding acocunts and they still wouldn't add.

But THIS time when I close the window after attempting to add an account, I see a small message appear and then fade out on the top of the web versions page

It says "Could not load Facebook account"

So that's it. Facebook says they are connected, but Zimbra can not load it.

I'm running the latest version of Zimbra (I made sure)

and I downloaded and installed the latest social zimlet

So... What's up? What could be the problem?

It seems more like a bug then a specific problem with this computer since the web version of Zimbra is effected.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

your account could not be validated against the zimbra server.

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get the ZCO working and I'm running into issues. I can't get the ZCO to connect back to my Zimbra server. I did some logging with ZCO and here's a dump of the HTTP Stream:


<<<<================================= HTTP stream Start (Request) ===============================================>>>>

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                                [12029] is not an SSL mismatch code.

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                                *** ERROR *** *0* failed on WinHttpSendRequest(...), server: zimbra.jbodyperformance.com:443, Error Code: ERROR_WINHTTP_CANNOT_CONNECT

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                                  (Unable to connect.) @ Connection.cpp line 1334 [Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::SendRequestInternal()]

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                        <1105ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                        *** ERROR ***

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                       

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                        SendRequest failed with error 12029 'Unable to connect.' @ Connection.cpp line 2329 [Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::SendRequest()]

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                <Connection::SendRequest[#1, 0693B220, owner:'UserSession'] 1106ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                                *** ERROR *** Failed on logon (Code: 12029, Text: Unable to connect.). @ SessionData.cpp line 1737 [Zimbra::Rpc::UserSession::Auth()]

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                        <UserSession::Auth[info@jbodyperformance.com, 0693F940] 1112ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                        *** ERROR *** Auth() failed with hr: 80040115 @ SessionData.cpp line 1424 [Zimbra::Rpc::UserSession::Init()]

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                <UserSession::Init[info@jbodyperformance.com, 0693F940] 1112ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                *** WARNING *** can't determine server version, hr: 0x80040115 @ SessionData.cpp line 2707 [Zimbra::Rpc::UserSession::IsServerVersionS

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                                upported()]

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                        <UserSession::IsServerVersionSupported 1112ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                        *** ERROR *** Can't determine if server version supported. hr:80040115 @ SessionData.cpp line 2996 [Zimbra::Rpc::UserSession::CreateIn

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                        stance()]

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                <UserSession::CreateInstance 1160ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                >UserSession::GetTrustUntil

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                                <0ms

27-06-2012 09:07:41.504 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                        <SetServiceProfileInfo 1161ms

27-06-2012 09:07:42.700 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                A<CConfigProp::SaveChanges[06939FD8] 2348ms

27-06-2012 09:07:42.700 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                A>CConfigProp::GetLastError[06939FD8]

27-06-2012 09:07:42.700 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                A<0ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                A>IMAPITableWrapperImpl::Unadvise[06DCCAB8]

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                                A<0ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                        <DoConfigPropsheet 22846ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                        >CConfigProp::~CConfigProp

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                        <0ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                        TryConfigureMessageService: DoConfigPropsheet canceled

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                <TryConfigureMessageService 22850ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                TryConfigureMessageService() returned 80040113

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                LMServiceEntry return hr(80040113)

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]        A<LMServiceEntry 22851ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]        A>IMSProviderWrapperImpl::Shutdown[#1, 06DCE470]

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]                flags(2748516l)

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]        A<0ms

27-06-2012 09:07:44.888 [O14 MAIN    13EC]        >ZimbraMSProvider::~ZimbraMSProvider[#1, 06DCE470]

I've checked my firewall and it isn't blocking 443 for Zimbra. I also did a tcpdump on my zimbra server and can see the incoming requests on port 443:


mtalundzic@zimbra:~$ sudo tcpdump -ni eth0 host and not port 22

[sudo] password for mtalundzic:

tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode

listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes

09:18:48.879000 IP > Flags [S], seq 4041677276, win 8192, options [mss 1380,nop,wscale 8,nop,nop,sackOK], length 0

09:18:48.879028 IP > Flags [R.], seq 0, ack 4041677277, win 0, length 0

09:18:49.413182 IP > Flags [S], seq 4041677276, win 8192, options [mss 1380,nop,wscale 8,nop,nop,sackOK], length 0

09:18:49.413194 IP > Flags [R.], seq 0, ack 1, win 0, length 0

09:18:49.943136 IP > Flags [S], seq 4041677276, win 8192, options [mss 1380,nop,nop,sackOK], length 0

09:18:49.943159 IP > Flags [R.], seq 0, ack 1, win 0, length 0

any idea guys?

Migrated form Citadel email Server to Zimbra 7.02

This is basically my first post and would like to congratulate VMware and all the Zimbra people for this fine, excellent, beautiful piece of software.

My Ubuntu 10.04 64x server is up and running for a day now with zimbra open source edition. Ubuntu is by far the biggest linux distro, it would be nice to see the latest LTS versions always supported by zimbra, like 12.04. Not sure, but it seems in bugzilla that support for 12.04 is not schedule for next zimbra release. haaa it's all about money :)

The server as latest kernel and all components updated, so far do good, nothing broken that I have noticed.

I'm accustomed to MSExchange, Postfix and Citadel, home and work email servers.

At work we have around 120 email user accounts and are currently using Exchange for 1 year now. We tried to go open source before exchange with ubuntu and citadel. Citadel was up and running (crashing) for 2 moths before we added Exchange. Those 2 months were the worse time of my life and I strongly advise users to avoid this MTA, nothing good about it, not stable, constant crashes, berkleyDB database meltdowns, bad user and administrator web gui, bbs based, no support, basically nothing works as publicized in their website. Before moving to exchange we considered using zimbra, but unfortunately back then the ubuntu supported version was too old, and everything kinda felt ubuntu unsupported...

At home I run postfix as a smarthost and used to have citadel for 2 users. 2 days ago citadel email server stop working and melted the database with the latest "easy update install :)" yes it was easy alright :). Also their ubuntu repositories are constantly affected with bad coding errors and have to be constantly fixed. So, if you are planning on running a serious MTA for professional use citadel is wayyyyy out of question. For home use (1 or 2 email accounts) you may run it if you don't mind loosing all your stuff once in a while. So at home, for the past day and a half I have been using Zimbra.... wow Ôô nice stuff, this could easily replace an exchange server. Love it, thank you guys.

I followed this how-to, thanks LHammonds.


The only issue during installation was with my etc/hosts file, that gave me a ldap error upon first save to configuration, so my bad.


Outlook Conector GAL defaults to RTF format for emails

Using Outlook 2010 on Win 7 Pro 32 bit

ZCO Outlook connector ZimbraConnectorOLK_7.2.1.529_x86


Question: Is there a way to set the "Internet Format" of GAL contacts on either the Zimbra server, or have them default to HTML or Plain Text in Outlook.


Trialing a mixed client environment with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac etc

Outlook client "options" set to compose mail as HTML, and convert to HTML for Internet recipients.

When composing an email in Outlook to another "internal" zimbra user, using addresses from the GAL , message is sent as RTF format.

As we are using a mixed email client setup, attachments are showing up as winmail.dat in Non Outlook clients.

Checking the internet options for the contact in the GAL shows the Email Type as "Custom" and the Internet format as "send using Outlook Rich Text Format"

You cannot change the settings as the GAL contacts are read only.

In an Outlook only environment, this is not an issue, but in a mixed environment (One of Zimbra's main benefits) This is causing frustration.

Help/Suggestions appreciated.

how am i going to get the ALL USER address book from zimbra server

Hi administrator

please help me i wondring that is there possible to get address book or contact list as in the whole log into CSV file format , as if i do 1 by 1 it will killing me is there something can be done or needed to go to zimbra command line to go in and grap the file to do the convertison

please help i needed to extract all the address or contact list to move from zimbra server to other server but which i needed the whole account to be in csv format PLEASE HELP ME .................